As an operational employee who has risen to chief of an asphalt plant, Ronee likes to present himself as an expert by experience in perfectioning production processes. You could almost say that in the 36 years that he worked with machines, people and processes he became the personification of what today the terms LEAN and TQM stand for. Because he applied these concepts already from himself for more then thirty years in the production processes he was responsible of. At a glance he can tell you how to produce more efficient, more effective and what can be done cheaper in the long term. By using his skills as a coach and a people manager he is also capable in accompanying processes of change on a human level in a successful way.


Ronee also like to present himself as a spiritual life coach for individuals and groups, private and professional. You can contact him with all sorts of questions, problems and obstacles that is given by life itself in order to invite us to greater freedom, autonomy and maturity. He will facilitate the process where you are taking your life back into your own hands by making your own decisions, by making your own choices and by determining your own unique life path. That will benefit your self-esteem and your self-respect, which in turn will provide you more joy of life and/ or more job satisfaction.

A company that offers products and or services that contribute to the greater whole, which strives at the same time to optimizing production processes, while it invites co-workers to develop individual liberty (no permissiveness), maturity and autonomy (personal development) is indeed a company that practises sustainable enterprising and here Ronee offers gladly his services with enthusiasm and with commitment.



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