Here follows a little explanation about the logo and the lemniscaat in it. What you see next is the original lemniscaat. The circle in the middle stands for the essence, the “self”, and the spiritual development of each human. The lower noose symbolizes the adventures and experiences humans undergo in the rough material of the third dimensional, sensory world, in their actual incarnation, here on earth. The noose above pictures the assignment of that specific part of the soul of a human, you could call karma. In this logo, the lemniscaat stands straight as in an eight. This symbolizes the spine of a human, which is erected as well.

Ronee has the privilege to be able to look into the former incarnations and soul assignments of the inquirer in order to see the explorer in his totality. Under no circumstances, Ronee is allowed to intervene in a way that should take away or damage the freedom to experience and to learn, of fellow humans. He only may inspire the inquirer and to touch him in his soul, in order to invite him to find his inner power in his unique path to joy and freedom.

Because: “who walks his way consciously, walks enlighted”

“Swami Paramahamsa Hariharananda”

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