Ronee gives consultations or facilitates groups, private or in company, for inquirers who want to receive insights in for example patterns and programs (script) that repeats themselves all the time, over and over again. He will connect with the searcher(s) for answers through his Higher Self and the Higher Self of his inquiring client(s). This is only possible if the explorer actually is motivated to make an effective next step on his unique life path. Ronee will never take away the possibility to make choices in freedom, by for example making an inaccurate or irrelevant future forecast. Nor will he be tempted, as a medium, to transmit irrelevant messages that come from our dearly departed, which like to make a little chat. The asker will be touched and inspired to enlarge his joy, his freedom and his self-confidence on his exceptional life path, and to encourage him to fulfill his unique life mission. From 2021 on consultations will go through via video conference.

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