Ronee’s company is called HOAMI, which means, “Who am I?” Because what you are, you eradiate and you attract. Ronee has the ambition to invite people to remain in their core power and to enlarge their joy of life. His intention is to make people aware, of the fact, that they just undergo- mostly in an unconscious way- what they are asking for and that they attract the same as what they are, as a mirror. The more one is prepared to grow to self-awareness and self-knowledge, the more one is capable to manifest his own reality in freedom. Ronee guides you, in your way towards self-knowledge, transformation of your shadow and development to more freedom and happyness.


Ronee is directly related in a vertical connection with his Higher Self. This is a gift he was born with and it means that he is able to collect wisdom from very high sources: the Akashi records. Ronee struggled half his life to learn to cope with this gift with the intention to serve his fellow humans. He learned to filter the amount of information, to structure it and to measure it out, in order not to hurt but to heal other people. In that way, searchers for answers that appeal to Ronee can receive information that may invite them to make an important step forwards towards more awareness.

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