• Work-life balance
  • Development of (self) awareness in order to communicate in a better way with oneself and others
  • Coaching and facilitating highly sensitive people, to learn to cope with high sensitiveness
  • Workshops concerning meditation, breath and prana
  • Business analysis and remediation tools
  • Coach the coach
  • Coaching in selfgovernment
  • Conflict management
  • Cooperation with one self and others
  • Facilitating and coaching in partnerships (for example, two CEO’s are going to work together or want to merge their companies)
  • Facilitating and coaching when one wants to build his own company as an independent, as to new insights into (self) leadership
  • Lectures and seminars about (real) spirituality (to put of the brown cloak: transformation of the shadow) in opposition of pseudo spirituality (to put on the white cloak above the brown one: suppressing the shadow and playing “nice guy”)
  • Facilitating, workshops and lectures about (tantric) relationships
  • Coaching and facilitating life companions and life partners towards an even more satisfying, love full relationship
  • New insights about the unborn child for mothers and couples
  • Facilitating and coaching of parents or teachers which educate new age children, indigo children, ADHD children and first stage of autistic children
  • Coaching and new insights for heavily physical and /or mental symptoms
  • Spiritual promenades for groups
  • Energetic healings with or without healing stick for people, which feel not good in their skin, stress, burn out, fatigue, depression, low self-esteem and so on.

Ronee does not speak of clients or patients, he will rather speak of the inquirer, the explorer, the one in search for answers, the examiner, the one who wants to grow to self-achievement or the one who wants to develop to autonomy, independency, self-government or self-leadership and maturity.


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