You could say that Ronee, in the many incarnations he lived through, integrated and remembered, has successfully achieved the higher degrees of the school of life. As a child he was convinced that every one possessed the same gifts. He thought that every human was gifted with clear knowing. But soon he discovered that his environment did not appreciate his remarks and sayings. Even worse, he was punished because of his gifts. In this way, he suppressed his clairvoyant talents. Later on in his life, after experiencing several hurtful events in his private life, his high sensitivity awakened in a rather violently way. He had to learn fast to regulate and dosage this never-ending, non-invited stream of information. Meanwhile he discovered and controls the “on and out button”. Nowadays he is capable to inspire an inquirer to broaden and to widen the “road” to more consciousness.

Next to guiding and even healing a lot of people in the private sphere, Ronee might gain a lot of experience as a consultant in a large consultancy company in the Netherlands. As the “head of spiritual affairs” he facilitated a lot of change projects in professional organizations with great success.

As a light worker, Ronee was allowed to inspire a lot of humans, private and corporate. He touched them in their souls. Or even better, he invited them to connect with them selves, in order to learn them they can find all answers within themselves. This is how you develop your self-confidence and become faithful to yourself. The symbol par excellence of fidelity is the dog.

Ronee is co-founder of TransVormMensia.

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