Welcome to the site of Ronee Maasakkers. Ronee is a clairvoyant, he has an immediate contact with his higher self, and through his higher self he can communicate with your higher self. In this way he gets messages, which can help you in taking a step forwards in your growth to more freedom, autonomy and maturity. Ronee is also able to receive messages from our beloved deceased. These messages he will share if they are use full for your personnel growth.

Ronee sees himself as a light worker or a spiritual worker. Meaning someone who lived through his own life experiences and who has transformed them for a great deal. Because he is taking his, some-times heavy life lessons serious and he is prepared to look at his own shadow, without victimhood, he can function as a facilitator for other humans. His high sensitivity helps him to guide people in connecting with their own strength in order to live their lives with more freedom and more joy.

Spiritual workers have a holistic life vision and a lot of attention to felt senses, feelings and ways of thinking which make every human unique. And in the process of individuation to more autonomy it is intended to keep this uniqueness, to develop it and to emphasize it.

Moreover spirituality lays the emphasis on personal inner experiences and adventures. It is about the divine source of the human soul . Each individual is a “soul carrier”. A spiritual person is persuaded that each man has the power to make conscious choices in freedom.

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